Silo-Transports and -Rental

The Humbert GmbH is specialized in transportation of portable Silos of up to 32 cbm capacity Europe-wide.

We can transport silos either filled or unfilled (up to 20 tons of carrying capacity) so that you as our client have enough material available on your site at all times.

Use our silos as

  • Wrapping Options
  • Container
  • Storage room

Silo transportation is a useful alternative to transportation of low-density goods. Regardless of weather conditions and without disturbance through dusty and noisy unloading processes, silo-transports display the best solution for your customer-specific requirements.

Give us a call and describe your specific needs.

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Humbert Mietsilos und Silotransporte

Rental Silos with 32 cbm, 29 cbm and 22 cbm

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Rental-Silos with 32 cbm, 29 cbm and 22 cbm

Use our Silo-Rental-Service for your transport and storage projects for building materials and powdery goods.

Our freestanding, waterproofed unicameral system is suitable for granulated bulk materials such as:

  • Lime
  • Fertilizer
  • Substrate
  • Bentonite
  • Grit
  • Sand
  • Wooden Pellets etc.

If you have space requirements our rental-silos display an excellent solution to be positioned outside. The Filling takes place through silo vehicles with filling hoses.

Our services include:

  • Transport
  • Transport of Silos filled with Dangerous Goods / Hazardous Goods (ADR–Transports)
  • Installation
  • Moving and Return transport of our rental-silos with our specialized trucks.

Talk to us about:

  • Rental period length
  • Delivery date
  • Freight rates etc.

For short term or long term Rental periods we offer reasonable freight rates.

Give us a call or email us.

Download: Data sheet Rental Silo 22 cbm, 29 cbm and 32 cbm

Humbert Silo 22 cbm

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Rental Silo-Solutions with auger conveyors

Humbert Rental Silo Systems with spiral conveyors in different lengths (1,5 m / 3 m / 5 m) allow for comfortable and fast loading of transport vehicles. Granulated bulk goods such as lime, cement, sand, grit, fertilizer and wooden pellets etc. can be stored in our Silos and can therefore be available at all times on your site. Using flexible filling hoses, our rental silos can be filled up “just in time”, so that you can save storage capacity and prevent a loss of material through humidity or drift.

Humbert Wechselsilo 32 cbm mit Förderschnecke

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